Overall, eating habits and lifestyle are reflected not only in our physical condition, but also in the state of our mind and vice versa. I teach clients to perceive the needs of their body and help them find their individual path to a healthy lifestyle.

We live in the 21st century, we have a plethora of information about what we should eat, what we must eat, what we must not eat. Everything is supported by scientific studies and refuted by another studies. Most people know exactly what they should do for their healthy lifestyle, however they are not successful in doing themselves and their body well.

I believe that I can provide you with information and practical tips that you can implement in your life to make you feel good. I will help you find your own way to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. My clients include individuals and whole families.


Firstly, we need to get acquainted, so we start with an initial consultation. The more information you give me about you and your troubles or wishes in advance, the more beneficial the consultation will be. After the consultation we mutually agree on what is needed with appropriate next steps.



(75 minut)

Initial consultation involves getting to know you and your body and giving a first feedback with most important findings. We will also discuss several tips for improvements.



Need to heal your diet, but do not know how? Are you still returning to the old familiar ruts? Try a customized nutrition plan and restart your habits. MORE


(according to the client)

In this program, I will help you to achieve your long-term big goals, whether in the field of eating or physical and mental health, based on small changes which takes you to the right way.

The basis of this program is the long-term cooperation, thanks to which you can acquire new habits and skills related to a healthy lifestyle. Learning a single new habit takes about a month. That’s a pretty short time to change your life positively, right? 🙂



My name is Petr Jirků, for 34 years I have been the daughter of my mother, 32 months the mother of my wonderful daughter and 4 years a partner of a wonderful man. I am an educated biomedical engineer, a cook in the heart, and it intersects in my profession as a nutritionist and healthy lifestyle guide. My goal is to support individuals and whole families to feel better.

I love “real” food and to work with it – choosing and buying “real” food, combining it, preparing it and then enjoying it, preferably at a joint table with my family and friends. It is a form of relaxation and care for myself and my loved ones. I also like nature and movement in the fresh air…


A LECTOR AND VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATION ZDRAVÍ DO ŠKOL (Health to the Scools) Educating the little ones means a better future. A healthy child becomes a healthy adult.

I look forward to meeting you in the online office.

Clients wrote

I am always delighted when my work really helps to the clients. The clients get several “first step” tips at the first consultation, which usually give them a new enthusiatism to start the change in their life. Sometimes the tips are just a small adjustments of the temporary lifestile, however leading to a big efect afterwards. The clients are amazing people who can do amazing things.

Jana J.

Great tips, advice and recipes. Possibility to engage in challenges and sharing experiences, mutual support of members who have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and try it a little differently.


Hi Petra!! Good Afternoon!! Hope you doing very well today!! Hey I wanted to let you know (and thank you for it) that this morning I completed my toughest workout so far, titled ‘Murph’ I finished 1 mile run -> 20 sets each consisting of 5 pull ups (with band assist) 10 push ups, 15 squats -> 1 mile run again. It took me approx 85 minutes to finish. I am really happy and will get even better next time. But hey I never thought I’d get there ever and surviving approx 85 minutes at the gym….would have been impossible without your diet recos and the changes it brought in me. Thank you so much!! If I could be of any value to you, I’d be super happy to help with anything! Have a lovely day!!!

Jana S.

Peter, I am very excited about the meeting, so I hope I will succeed. Have a nice time and thank you. Jana

Olga M.

If I could give 10 stars I will give! First of all, I want to make sure that my review is really based on personal experience and I did not know Paťa and nobody pays me for praise 🙂 The reason I have conntacted Petra was my diet or a lot of exercise and not a balanced style of eating. I was greeted by a nice young woman, very sympathetic to the sight and, above all, radiating unbelievable peace. We discussed my eating, sports, but also emotional level – which turned out to be very good and I’m glad that Petra includes and takes this part as very important. She wrote me a clear conclusion and plan, suggestions on how to proceed and again in its entirety – head, emotions, body, food. Then I made a little typo and I was very glad that he is really professional in his field – she studied biomedical engineering and in my head so surely increased all the more. In addition, how many times I asked her to explain why this or that food did or did not, she was always willing to write and advise me. By Christmas, I set my own goal to focus on what she recommended, but I feel really good about it. Thank Petra, I think you did great, man in the right place. Olga